In this project we were given three random elements and were asked to create a short animation combining them.  Mine were: sadness (as a feeling), typewriter (object) and church-bells (sound).
A radio announcement states that WW2 has finally ended. Meanwhile a woman is listening to the announcement and waiting anxiously for something, while looking through the window at the crowds that celebrate. A door nock takes her at the house entrance, where she gets delivered a letter. As she reads through, she finds out that her husband, who was serving in the war, was killed unfortunately in a battle. Deep sorrow takes over her, and she falls into a void of images and thoughts about the horrors of war. Then, she gets suddenly “pulled back” into reality by her little child, who pulls eagerly her skirt calling her repeatedly. Although still crying ,she smiles softly, looks at her kid, picks it up and they gaze together outside the door.
Final Render
brain storming

Character Development

Story Board

Mood Board
Visual Research

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